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Robert B. Eiss Biography

Robert B. Eiss has served as senior advisor to Fogarty director, Dr. Roger I. Glass since 2007. Mr. Eiss previously has served as the center's senior advisor for strategic initiatives and acting director of the Division of International Relations, and earlier as an international program officer.

Mr. Robert Eiss Head Shot

Robert B. Eiss

Mr. Eiss led the effort to create the center's first long-range plan, reorienting FIC programs toward the persistent burdens of communicable disease and emerging chronic disease trends in low- and middle-income countries. He also was lead writer for the National Science and Technology Council's reports on U.S. Government Science and Technology Relations with Russia, as well as European Economic Integration and Science and Technology Cooperation.

In addition to his positions at NIH, Mr. Eiss has been chief executive officer of a non-governmental organization supported by the Rockefeller Foundation to promote innovative management of intellectual property to speed the development of medical products for developing countries. He also has served as associate director for planning and budget at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, where he was responsible for the development of policy and budget recommendations in support of the national drug control strategy.

Mr. Eiss holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland and a master's degree from Oxford University, and has been a volunteer at the NIH Children's Inn.