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Promoting Equity in Global Health Research

Two female researchers in surgical masks in lab work with microscope Photo credit: David Rochkind FIC applauds the global dialogue around increased equity in global health research and seeks to better understand the challenges and barriers to equitable research. For purposes of this effort, “equitable research” is defined as research collaboration that is inclusive, elevates underrepresented voices and groups, and demonstrates fairness of opportunity and fair process. In practice, equity in global research may be achieved through collaborations based on true partnership, shared leadership, joint applications and publications, and the inclusion of previously disadvantaged individuals as research partners. FIC/CGHS and our NIH partners are exploring opportunities to further encourage and facilitate research that is conducted equitably, in true partnership with collaborators and for the benefit of all participants.

RFI on Promoting Equity in Global Health Research

Simone Badal in the labPhoto credit: University of the West Indies

The Fogarty International Center and seven partner Institutes and Centers requested input on approaches NIH might take to promote greater equity in global health research conducted in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs).

Thank you to all the respondents who provided thoughtful and informative feedback in response to the RFI on Promoting Equity in Global Health Research. We received a total of 186 responses and have been engaged in a methodical review of each individual response to ensure full consideration of all ideas and points of view. We plan to release a public report in the next few months that reflects significant themes and recommendations for NIH. We will publicize the report through various channels, including an email to all respondents. Simultaneously, we are consolidating all input into specific, potential next steps for consideration by the Fogarty International Center, our partner Institutes and Centers that participated in the RFI, and ultimately all of NIH.

Questions may be sent to Blythe.Beecroft@nih.gov.

NIH Working Group on Promoting Equity in Global Health Research

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Updated March 1, 2023