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NIH Global Health Funding News - Week of August 18, 2014

On behalf of the Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the following funding opportunities, notices and announcements may be of interest to those working in the field of global health research. Updates are typically distributed once a week.

Please note: Fogarty's weekly NIH Global Health Funding News will take a vacation the week of August 25th. Look for a double issue the week of September 1st.

Funding Opportunities

NIH funding opportunities focusing on global health and foreign collaboration.

NIH funding opportunities for which foreign organizations, foreign components of U.S. organizations and/or other foreign components may apply.

  • Role of the Microbiome in HIV-1 Vaccine Responses (R01) (PAR-14-317) and (R21) (PAR-14-318)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): January 7, 2015; January 7, 2016; January 7, 2017
  • Understanding Factors in Infancy and Early Childhood (Birth to 24 months) That Influence Obesity Development (R01) (PAR-14-323)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): February 5, 2015; October 5, 2015; June 5, 2016; February 5, 2017
  • Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Clinical Centers (U01) (RFA-DK-14-016)
    Application Receipt Date(s): December 03, 2014
  • Administrative Supplements for Tobacco Regulatory Research on the Role and Impact of Flavors in Cigarettes, Cigars, E-Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco (Admin Supp) (PA-14-320)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date: September 29, 2014
  • Research Planning Infrastructure to Develop Therapeutic Target-ID Strategies Based on Favorable Genetic Variants of Human Longevity or Health Span (U24) (RFA-AG-15-014)
    Application Receipt Date(s): November 06, 2014
  • NICHD Consortium for Research on Pediatric Trauma and Injury Prevention (R24) (PAR-14-324)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Multiple dates, see announcement.
  • Limited Competition: NIGMS National Centers for Systems Biology (P50) (PAR-14-319)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): October 23, 2014; October 23, 2015

Information related to opportunities from other organizations focusing on global health and foreign collaboration.

  • The Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences from the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) recognizes outstanding achievement by a promising young scientist in biomedical research.
    Nomination Deadline: October 14, 2014

Funding News

NIH funding news that may be relevant to global health researchers.

  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Contract Solicitation (PHS 2015-1) Now Available (NOT-OD-14-120)
  • Notice of Change to the Award Budget for PAR-13-334 "Strategic Alliances for Medications Development to Treat Substance Use Disorders (R01)" (NOT-DA-14-027)
  • Notice to Extend the Expiration Date of Drug Abuse Prevention Intervention Research PA-11-311 (R01) (NOT-DA-14-022), PA-11-312 (R21) (NOT-DA-14-023) and PA-11-313 (R03) (NOT-DA-14-024)

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