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NIH Global Health Funding News - Week of April 3, 2017

On behalf of the Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the following funding opportunities, notices and announcements may be of interest to those working in the field of global health research. Updates are typically distributed once a week.

Funding Opportunities

NIH funding opportunities focusing on global health and foreign collaboration.

  • Centers for AIDS Research (P30) (PAR-17-237)
    Developmental Centers for AIDS Research (P30) (PAR-17-238)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): August 1, 2017; August 17, 2018; August 17, 2019
    Note: Applicants are encouraged to explore collaborative, multi-institutional linkages with international and domestic sites, and international institutions.

NIH funding opportunities for which foreign organizations, foreign components of U.S. organizations and/or other foreign components may apply.

  • Sleep Health and Circadian Biology in HIV-Related Comorbidities (R01) (RFA-HL-18-005)
    Application Receipt Date(s): August 9, 2017
    Notes: Research applications that can leverage cohorts or populations from domestic or foreign programs such as global AIDS programs are encouraged, if the required data are available.
  • NIAID Omnibus Broad Agency Announcement No. HHS-NIH-NIAID-BAA2017-1 (NOT-AI-17-019)
    Includes Research Area 004: Development of Broad-spectrum Therapeutic Products for Biodefense, Anti-Microbial Resistant Infections and Emerging Infectious Diseases; and Research Area 005: Advanced Development of Vaccine Candidates for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases.
  • Revision Applications to NCI-supported Awards to Include Research on the NCI's Provocative Questions (R01) (RFA-CA-17-019) and (U01) (RFA-CA-17-020)
    Application Receipt Date(s): June 28, 2017; October 30, 2017; June 28, 2018; October 30, 2018
  • Mechanisms of Alcohol-associated Cancers (R21) (PA-17-219) and (R01) (PA-17-220)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Integration and Validation of Emerging Technologies to Accelerate Cancer Research (R33) (RFA-CA-17-023)
    Application Receipt Date(s): May 10, 2017
  • Advancing the Science of Geriatric Palliative Care (R01) (PA-17-225) and (R21) (PA-17-226)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Hearing Health Care for Adults: Improving Access and Affordability (R21) (PA-17-227)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research (R21) (PAR-17-229), (R03) (PAR-17-230) and (R01) (PAR-17-231)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): June 27, 2017, March 30, 2018, March 30, 2018
  • Secondary Analysis and Integration of Existing Data to Elucidate the Genetic Architecture of Cancer Risk and Related Outcomes (R01) (PA-17-239) and (R21) (PA-17-243)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Development of Appropriate Pediatric Formulations and Pediatric Drug Delivery Systems (R03) (PAR-17-191), (R21) (PAR-17-192) and (R01) (PAR-17-193); (R43) (PAR-17-199) and (R41) (PAR-17-200)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Genetic Susceptibility and Variability of Human Structural Birth Defects (R01) (PAR-17-236)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): June 5, 2017 (new) and July 5, 2017 (renewal, resubmission, revision); and more
  • Innovative Research in Cancer Nanotechnology (IRCN) (R01) (PAR-17-240)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): November 21, 2017; and more
  • AHRQ Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08) (PA-17-232)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
    Note: Foreign institutions may participate in projects as members of consortia or as subcontractors only.

Funding News

NIH funding news that may be relevant to global health researchers.

  • Updated: NIH Operates Under a Continuing Resolution (NOT-OD-17-048)
  • Reporting Preprints and Other Interim Research Products (NOT-OD-17-050)
  • Notice Defining NIAID's Use of the Career Development (K01) Awards (NOT-AI-17-015)
    Note: NIAID will support Mentored Research Scientist Award (K01) awards (PA-16-190 and its reissues) in the areas of epidemiology, computational modeling, and outcomes research in infectious, immunologic and/or allergic diseases.
  • Notice Announcing Funding Opportunity Issued for the Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions Program (NOT-RM-17-013)

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