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NIH Global Health Funding News - Week of August 28, 2017

On behalf of the Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the following funding opportunities, notices and announcements may be of interest to those working in the field of global health research. Updates are typically distributed once a week.

Funding Opportunities

NIH funding opportunities focusing on global health and foreign collaboration.

  • Notice of Applicant Information Webinar (U54) (NOT-EB-17-010) for Point of Care Technologies Research Network: Point of Care Centers (U54) (PAR-17-453)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): October 27, 2017
    Note: Fogarty is interested in facilitating research in a Center on the development, validation and adoption of technologies related to HIV/AIDS infection. Technologies studied should be specifically suited for low resource settings and applicable to LMICs.
  • Clinical and Epidemiological Research on Chronic Disease in the Caribbean (R01) (PAR-17-470)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): November 15, 2017, November 15, 2018, November 15, 2019

NIH funding opportunities for which foreign organizations, foreign components of U.S. organizations and/or other foreign components may apply.

  • Detection of HIV for Self-Testing (R61/R33) (PAR-17-471)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): December 6, 2017, December 6, 2018, and December 6, 2019
  • Secondary Analyses of Existing Alcohol Research Data (R01) (PA-17-467) and (R03) (PA-17-468)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Partnerships for Countermeasures Against Select Pathogens (R01) (RFA-AI-17-026)
    Application Receipt Date(s): January 12, 2018
    Applications must demonstrate substantive investment by at least one [domestic or foreign] industrial participant.
  • NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research: Dynamic Neuroimmune Interactions in the Transition from Normal CNS Function to Disorders (R01) (RFA-AA-18-007)
    Application Receipt Date(s): December 7, 2017
  • BRAIN Initiative: Research on the Ethical Implications of Advancements in Neurotechnology and Brain Science (R01) (RFA-MH-18-500)
    Application Receipt Date(s): December 7, 2017

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