New York State International Training and Research Program

The following grant was awarded by, is supported by, is administered by or is in partnership with the Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Funding Fogarty Program

AIDS International Training and Research (AITRP)

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New York State International Training and Research Program

Principal Institution

State University of New York Downstate Medical Center

Principal Investigator(s) (PI)

DeHovitz, Jack A

Project Contact Information

Program Director:
Jack A. DeHovitz, MD, MPH (Bio)

Program Coordinators:
Konstantin Tchergueiko
Phone: (718) 270-4571
David Odegaard

State University of New York Downstate Medical Center
Department of Preventive Medicine
Community Health
450 Clarkson Avenue, Box 1240
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098
Phone: (718) 270-2690
Fax: (718) 270-3386

Project Website

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Year(s) Awarded


Collaborating Country

Georgia; Kazakhstan; Russia; Ukraine

NIH Partners


Project Description

The goal of this training program is to create and sustain a new generation of public health leaders and academic investigators trained in population-based and biomedical interventions that can collaboratively prevent the transmission and progression of HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The specific aims of the program include:

  1. To build human resources capacity in collaborating countries by providing long-term training in the US and ultimately in-country in population-based, biomedical and implementation research;
  2. To foster collaborative, interdisciplinary in-country research networks among trainees and those supported by other programs;
  3. To utilize academic resources in New York State as well as the Fogarty network to ensure that the most productive assets are utilized for training efforts;
  4. To build in-country research capacity and productivity via a continuous mentoring process;
  5. To assist in the transition of in-country assets into regional centers of excellence.

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