West African Bioethics Training Program

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West African Bioethics Training Program

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University of Maryland Baltimore

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Adebamowo, Clement Adebayo

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West African Bioethics

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This is a comprehensive training program in international research ethics designed to take advantage of the resources at the University of Ibadan, its collaborating institutions including the Dominican Institute, its unique historical role in biomedical, behavioral and social sciences' education and research in Nigeria, its historical linkages with the other universities in Nigeria and throughout West Africa.

The program offers 3 semesters long (18 months, only the first 2 semesters of which are spent at the University) Master's degree program, 6 weeks long diploma courses, on-site and off-site short certificate and refresher courses to members of ethics committees, biomedical researchers, ethics' committee administrators, and other individuals considered capable of becoming leaders in bioethics in their institutions in Nigeria and other West African countries, including French speaking West African countries. In addition, there are training modules in scientific integrity, good clinical practices (GCP) and good laboratory practices (GLP), grantsmanship, and pedagogy. The program also organizes public lectures and symposia to increase awareness of bioethics in Nigeria and West Africa in general.

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