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January / February 2014

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Focus on Brain Disorders: Research Across the Lifespan

Fogarty is celebrating a decade of its brain disorders program with a symposium highlighting progress in expanding research capacity in developing countries for neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases, addiction and other conditions.
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In Bhutan, one older woman and one younger woman with young child strapped to back, another young child held on hip by person of

Alzheimer's research in Colombia

Researchers are collaborating to study an heritable variant of early-onset Alzheimer's disease in remote, mountainous regions of Colombia.
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In lush green mountains of Colombia, a man looks at the camera holding the reigns of a horse, women in the background

Protecting cognition in Brazil

In an impoverished area of northeastern Brazil researchers are studying children to determine how enteric and parasitic infections impact health.
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Young child hangs from empty clothesline in Brazilian slum

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Bill Gates speaking

Bill Gates celebrates research collaborations at NIH

During a recent visit to the Bethesda campus global health philanthropist Bill Gates paid tribute to the numerous flourishing partnerships between his family foundation and the NIH.
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US losing biomedical research leadership

According to recent analysis, the U.S. is slowly reducing its biomedical research and development investments while other countries - particularly in Asia - are boosting theirs.
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Photo courtesy of NovoNordisk R and D Center China. Woman in white lab coat surrounded by bottles and containers tops on concentrates as she put a sample in a container

Close up of hands using a hand-held electronic device to enter data using a stylus, other hands point to show instructions

Fogarty launches mHealth program

Fogarty has launched a new program to encourage further development of mobile technology and research into how it can be used to improve health, especially in low-resource countries.
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