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March/April 2015

Grandmother and mother wearing bright headscarves tenderly hold and observe newborn baby

Brain program catalyzes research, builds capacity

An evaluation of ten years of research supported by Fogarty's Brain Disorders program details achievements and areas for improvement.
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Lack of adherence in HIV trial has broad implications

A large, NIH-supported clinical trial in sub-Saharan Africa underscored that researchers cannot rely on self-reporting to gauge if study participants are following instructions.
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Female researcher in lab wearing white coat looks through microscope at sample in petri dish under bright light

Colorful brain scan of brain with Alzheimer's disease on black background

NIH meeting advances Alzheimer's research agenda

At the Alzheimer's Disease Research Summit, partners shared progress and built on previous efforts to develop an integrated, multidisciplinary research agenda.
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Fogarty Fellow studies trauma, injury in Ghana

During his fellowship, Dr. Rockefeller Oteng studied how patient outcomes had changed because of the new emergency care department at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Ghana.
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Dr Rockafeller Oteng speaks with others standing at bedside of a patient in a hospital bed

Focus on infectious diseases

Global swine trade facilitates evolution, spread of flu

Fogarty scientists and their international collaborators investigated how global swine trade can spur the evolution of influenza.
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Scientists work to eliminate disease carried by pigs

Researchers supported in part by Fogarty and NIH investigate ways to prevent cysticercosis, a preventable parasitic infection.
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Close-up of small pig being swabbed and held by two researchers in gloves and black protective gear

Two large pigs lying on counter in lab, two male researchers in white coats stand behind the pigs

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