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November / December 2012

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Man holds instrument to measure emissions over lit wood-burning stove, which burns under a hood, woman holds up hood

NIH holds cookstove workshop

NIH hosted a training workshop on cookstoves for trainee scientists from the U.S. and developing countries, aiming to reduce indoor air pollution caused globally by household cooking and heating fires.
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FDA evolves to meet global regulatory challenges

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is evolving to meet the regulatory challenges caused by surging international trade, ensuring product safety both at home and abroad.
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Close up of hands wearing purple disposable gloves, points needle at small piece of paper

Iranian woman speaks into microphone at conference table

US-Iran scientific partnerships hold promise

Scientific engagement between Iran and the United States is flourishing. Attendees at a recent meeting in Tehran identified a number of promising areas for collaboration.
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Focus on the National Eye Institute

The National Eye Institute (NEI) at NIH is battling visual impairment and eye disease globally, as well as in the U.S., through training and mentoring to meet global health challenges and support vision research in the future.

Older woman looks up, medical worker holds up her eyelid and uses instrument to shine light in her eye

Outdoors, child seated at laptop is instructed by man in shirt and tie, man and child look on

Vision research leads to new theories on brain plasticity

Children and young adults treated through Project Prakash see for the first time, giving scientists a unique opportunity to study how the brain learns to process color, shape and movement.
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Fogarty Fellow Profile: Researching inherited childhood glaucoma in Nigeria

A profile on former Fogarty Fellow Dr. Oluwatoyin F. Fafowora, who is studying the genetic basis for juvenile-onset glaucoma, which is prevalent in West Africa.
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Woman medical worker uses large handheld tool to examine one eye of a male patient

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