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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health
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Director's Blog

Commentary on global health research issues from current and immediate past directors of the Fogarty International Center.

Kathleen Maletic Neuzil: new Fogarty International Center leader

The Lancet — July 15, 2024

A look at the life and career of Fogarty director Kathleen Neuzil in which she talks about the importance of preventing diseases, her passion for mentorship, and her vision for Fogarty.

Welcoming Dr. Kathleen Neuzil as 13th director of the Fogarty International Center

Fogarty news — May 6, 2024

Dr. Kathleen Neuzil is the 13th director of the Fogarty International Center and the first woman to permanently hold the position.

Fogarty seeks fresh perspectives in global health research and training

Peter Kilmarx, Fogarty Deputy Director — June 18, 2024

Peter Kilmarx discusses a new funding opportunity for existing grant recipients which aims to bring diverse perspectives to the research workforce.

Memory of Joel Breman

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — April 9, 2024

A remembrance of esteemed colleague, Dr. Joel Breman, a global health leader who worked on smallpox eradication and malaria elimination, and helped identify the Ebola virus.

Striving for equity in global health research partnerships

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — March 5, 2024

Peter Kilmarx shares his thoughts on the progress NIH has made in promoting equity across its global health research activities.

Seeing is believing: My year helming the Fogarty International Center

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — February 8, 2024

Peter Kilmarx recounts his experience witnessing Fogarty's impact on global health firsthand during a multi-country trip to Africa, Asia and Europe.

In Memoriam: Robert B. Eiss

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — November 22, 2023

Rob Eiss, a long-term member of the Fogarty team, passed away in late October. Peter Kilmarx reflects on his legacy as an advocate for global health research partnerships.

The collateral benefits of the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — September 29, 2023

A commentary on 20 years of the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the benefits it has brought to public health beyond the HIV/AIDS response.

Building health research resilience: Fogarty's impact in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — July 27, 2023

Peter Kilmarx reflects on a June 2023 visit to Warsaw, Poland, where he met with current and former Fogarty trainees including many from Ukraine.

Celebrating 55 years of advancing science for global health

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — June 30, 2023

A commentary on Fogarty's incredible achievements and lasting impact in advancing global health research and research capacity strengthening.

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond borders

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — May 15, 2023

Training individuals from populations who are underrepresented as health researchers can help reduce health disparities around the world.

How a single year can have such a profound influence

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — March/April 2023

It is extraordinary to see how a single year can have such a profound, defining influence on one's life and career. Peter Kilmarx looks back on 20 years of the Fogarty Global Health Fellows & Scholars/LAUNCH program.

Fogarty emphasizes core programs & core values during its transition

Peter Kilmarx, Acting Fogarty Director — January/ February 2023

In his inaugural blog as acting director, Peter Kilmarx emphasizes the critical role played by Fogarty in advancing global health research.

Let’s not forget our pandemic achievements as we prepare for a new year

Fogarty Director Roger Glass — December 2022

Roger Glass acknowledges how researchers trained by Fogarty have made scientific discoveries throughout the pandemic, contributing to international security.

Oral health researchers welcome here!

Fogarty Director Roger Glass — October 2022

On his return from the annual meeting of the International Association for Dental Research, Roger Glass notes a renewed sense of urgency in global oral health.

Fogarty’s continuing support of Ebola research is a point of pride

Fogarty Director Roger Glass — August 2022

From the start of the West African Ebola crisis of 2014-2016, Fogarty recognized that the greatest contribution we could make would be a commitment to ongoing, long-term strengthening of research capacity and health systems through training.

To improve global health, we need to invest in people

Fogarty Director Roger Glass — June 2022

President Biden's Global Health Worker Initiative can serve as a framework to guide investments for building a health care workforce while strengthening coordination among our partners, including other nations and the private sector.

Health disparities research provides lessons for U.S. and LMIC

Fogarty Director Roger Glass — April 2022

Health care and medical advances do not benefit all people equally. The results are health disparities—preventable differences in outcomes that adversely affect certain populations. Fogarty supports equity in global health but we need to do more.

Pandemic truths: “none are safe until all are safe”

Fogarty Director Roger Glass — February 2022

Roger Glass reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic as a wake-up call to establish effective governance and improve public-private partnerships.

Updated July 16, 2024