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May / June 2016

Photo by Ross Marlow for CUGH, in busy exhibit hall conference attendee talks with exhibit booth staff

Universities consider sustainable future in global health

At the Consortium of Universities for Global Health annual conference in San Francisco, attendees gathered to consider and discuss a more sustainable future for global health.
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Fogarty's RAPIDD program has catalyzed the field of infectious disease modeling

The Research and Policy for Infectious Disease Dynamics (RAPIDD) group has improved the modeling of infectious diseases, and has been credited with enhancing the understanding of many pathogens.
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Researcher wearing protective face mask and gloves holds small brown rodent up to the camera

Photo by Morgana Wingard, courtesy of USAID, Healthcare worker outside Ebola clinic in full protective gear holds gate closed, warns away approaching people

Urgent vs Important global health issues

Fogarty Director Dr. Roger I. Glass discusses how to determine and approach both "important" and "urgent" global health problems, and how building research capacity can help us prepare for the future.
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Q and A with Dr Alain Beaudet on the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases

Dr. Alain Beaudet, chair of the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases, discusses the organization's unique role, lessons learned and the next phases, including support for mental health research.
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A medical worker checks the bloodpressure of a patient in a clinic

Andrew Gardner and medical worker in the hospital in Ghana

Profile: Fogarty Scholar Dr Andrew Gardner casts light on alcohol injuries

Research by Fogarty Scholar Andrew Gardner helped generate accurate scientific data on alcohol's contribution to injury in Ghana.
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Focus on the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

NIH's National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism funds research and fosters collaborations among U.S. and international investigators.

� 1996 Sara A. Holtz, Courtesy of Photoshare, 2 African women outdoors, one balances tub full of alcohol bottles on her head

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