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Colorful brain scan of brain with Alzheimer's disease on black background

NIH meeting advances Alzheimer's research agenda

Participants in the Alzheimer's Disease Research Summit, organized by the National Institute on Aging at NIH, came together to share progress and build on previous efforts to develop an integrated, multidisciplinary research agenda.

Female researcher in lab wearing white coat looks through microscope at sample in petri dish under bright light

Lack of adherence in HIV trial has broad implications

A large, NIH-supported clinical trial underscored that researchers cannot rely on self-reporting to gauge if study participants are following instructions.


 Frail looking elderly woman wearing a house dress seated in doorway leans on a cane

NIH examines lead's impact on dementia, bone density

Some scientists wonder whether lingering traces of lead stored in the body might reenter circulation later in life, fueling dementia and reducing bone function.


An electron microscopic view of Ebola virus particles, from NIAID

Experimental Ebola vaccine safe

An early-stage clinical trial of an experimental VSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine found that the vaccine was safe and elicited robust antibody responses in all 40 of the healthy adults who received it.


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Updated April 2015