Awards for the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Initiative (EEID)

The following were awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through Fogarty's Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Initiative (EEID).

Project Title
Principal Institution
Principal Investigator
Collaborating Country
Ecology and Transmission of S. Japonicum: PhilippinesBrown UniversityMcGarvey, Stephen T. Philippines
Eco-Epidemiology of Schistosomiasis, Malaria and Polyparasitism in Coastal KenyaCase Western Reserve UniversityKing, Charles Harding, and Kitron, Uriel D.Kenya
Changing Dynamics of Anopheline Transmission of Malaria and Filariasis in Papua New GuineaCase Western Reserve UniversityZimmerman, Peter A. Papua New Guinea
Does arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh raise exposure to bacterial and viral pathogensColumbia University New York MorningsideVan Geen, Alexander Frans Bangladesh
The Impact and Society Ecology of Bacterial Zoonoses in Northern TanzaniaDuke UniversityCrump, John AndrewTanzania
Comparative Spillover Dynamics of Avian Influenza in Endemic CountriesEcohealth Alliance, IncDaszak, PeterBangladesh; Cameroon; China; Egypt
Ecoepidemiology of Leptospirosis in the Urban Slums of BrazilEcohealth Alliance, IncKo, Albert IcksangBrazil
Immune landscapes of human influenza in households, towns and cities of southern ChinaJohns Hopkins UniversityCummings, Derek China
Ecological Relationships of Mycobacterium infectionMichigan State UniversityMerritt, Richard W. Ghana
Wetland Urbanization Gradients and Vector Borne DiseasePennsylvania State UniversityKiesecker, Joseph
Impact of Land Cover Change on Hantavirus EcologySouthern Research InstituteJonsson, Colleen B. Paraguay
Amphibian Disease Dynamics in a Fragmented LandscapeUniversity of California BerkeleyBriggs, Cheryl J.
Environmental Determinants of Malaria in BelizeUniversity of California DavisRejmankova, Eliska Belize
EID - Effects of Avian Migration & Anthropogenic Change on the Distribution & TRAUniversity of California Los AngelesSmith, Thomas B.
Leptospirosis Transmission in the Peruvian AmazonUniversity of California San DiegoVinetz, Joseph M.Peru
Ecoepidemiology of Chagas Disease in Northwest ArgentinaUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignKitron, Uriel D. Argentina
Impact of Seasonality and Vector Control on Population Structure of P. FalciparumUniversity of MichiganPascual, Mercedes; Day, Karen; Koram, KwadwoGhana
Ecology-Based Risk Assessment and Early Warning for HPAI in AsiaUniversity of Oklahoma NormanXiao, Xiangming China; Thailand
Ecosystem Disturbance and Multiscale Transmission of a Zoonotic Wildlife PathogenUniversity of SalfordCraig, Philip Simon China
Effects of Agricultural Expansion and Intensification on InfectionsUniversity of South FloridaRohr, Jason RobertSenegal
Spatial Modeling of Onchocerciasis Foci in Africa by Remote SensingUniversity of South Florida Unnasch, Thomas R Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Uganda
Ecology of Encephalitis Virus in the Southeastern USAUniversity of South Florida Unnasch, Thomas R
Effect of Neotropical Deforestation on Arbovirus EcologyUniversity of Texas Medical Branch GalvestonWeaver, Scott CPeru
Biological and Human Dimensions of Primate Retroviral TransmissionUniversity of Wisconsin MadisonGoldberg, Tony LUganda
Sylvatic Reservoirs of Human MonkeypoxUniversity of Wisconsin Madison Osorio, Jorge E Democratic Republic of the Congo
The Ecology, Emergence and Pandemic Potential of Nipah Virus in BangladeshWildlife TrustDaszak, Peter Bangladesh