NIH Personnel Mandatory Personal Security Briefing for Temporary Duty Travel for Less Than 30 Days

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Page updated: May 17, 2018

In response to HHS requirements, NIH has implemented security procedures regarding foreign travel by NIH personnel (employees, contractors, fellows, etc.), including the requirement that a foreign travel briefing be conducted and security information provided for the personnel traveling to review prior to the start of foreign travel. As part of the travel authorization process, travelers will receive an email with a link to eVoucher where they must complete and certify the security briefing for foreign travel.

NIH personnel (or affiliated persons traveling for the NIH), may have access to critical U.S. government information. NIH personnel must understand their responsibilities to protect the information, and must be aware of security vulnerabilities associated with foreign travel, no matter the country or region they travel to.

In addition, travel to some countries and regions may require additional training to meet State Department requirements.

Prior to departure:


Please Note: At any given time requirements to travel abroad may change. The Fogarty International Center will notify NIH travelers as soon as possible after receiving any notice of changes.


Questions or concerns on NIH foreign travel? Please contact:

Passport/Visa Office at Fogarty International Center
Phone: (301) 827-5555

Page updated: May 17, 2018