Center for Global Health Studies

Mission of the Center for Global Health Studies:

To catalyze research to address global health challenges through multidisciplinary and multi-sector dialogue, collaboration and training

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In partnership with NIH Institutes and Centers, the Center for Global Health Studies (CGHS) identifies emerging research priorities and stimulates new scientific directions in global health, and supports multidisciplinary collaboration and short-term training to address pressing global health problems, complementing the strategic guidance efforts of Fogarty's Division of International Science Policy, Planning and Evaluation (DISPPE).

The Center convenes program implementers, policymakers and leading scientists from the NIH, low- and middle-income countries and the U.S. to discuss critical research priorities, opportunities and synergies around specific global health challenges. CGHS also moves the implementation science agenda forward by promoting relevant research methods and frameworks, and fostering the development of new approaches and skills to translate scientific evidence into health policy and practice. Supported projects aim to generate practical, science-based deliverables, such as publications in reputable scientific journals, training materials and tool kits.

Current Projects

Portion of cover of HIV-NCDs meeting titled Research Guide Practice, with picture of girl receiving vaccination in arm

Topic: HIV-NCDs
Enhancing HIV/AIDS Platforms to Address NCDs in sub-Saharan Africa
Collaboration | Journal Publication
An NIH / PEPFAR / LMIC collaboration of researchers, implementers and government representatives joining together to articulate goals, approaches and a research agenda to incorporate prevention, care and treatment for NCDs into HIV/AIDS platforms in LMICs.

Silhouette of person walking through vertical blinds toward a bright light

Topic: Humanitarian Crises
Advancing Health Research in Humanitarian Crises
Convening researchers, humanitarian organizations and policymakers to share learning and strategies on conducting global health research in the context of humanitarian crises, such as armed conflict, natural disasters, forced displacement and disease outbreaks.

Courtesy of istock, Two African girls look at camera, one is writing

Topic: HIV and Adolescent Health
Adolescent HIV Prevention and Treatment Implementation Science Alliance (AHISA)
Supporting implementation science to address HIV prevention, screening and treatment for adolescent girls in eligible PEPFAR countries.

Portion of poster on Prevention of Childhood Obesity meeting with image of young boy running outside

Topic: Childhood Obesity
Prevention of Childhood Obesity in Latin America: Opportunities in Science and Policy
Workshop | Journal Publication
A workshop to address factors relating to childhood obesity in Latin America; and a writing retreat to work toward a series of articles addressing the state of the science, pressing research questions, models for translation of evidence into policy and program, and research capacity building priorities.

Silhouette of person walking through vertical blinds toward a bright light

Topic: Stigma Reduction
Science of Stigma Reduction: New Directions for Research to Improve Health
Workshop | Journal Publication
Convening U.S. and LMIC researchers, policymakers and program implementers focused on reducing health-related stigma across disease areas, populations and settings.

Cover of the journal Annales Africaines de Medecine

Topic: Scientific Journals
African Journal Partnership Program (AJPP)
Partnering African journals with U.S. and U.K. journals to strengthen the ability of African journal editors to disseminate scientific findings more broadly.

Man demonstrates cookstove during workshop

Topic: Household Air Pollution
Clean Cooking Implementation Science Network
Collaboration | Journal Publication | Research Projects
A partnership to advance the science of uptake and scale-up of clean cooking technology in the developing world.

Colorful image of brain scan

Topic: Brain Disorders
Learning Collaborative for Implementation Science in Global Brain Disorders
Collaboration | Journal Publication
Improving communications and collaboration between multi-disciplinary, multi-sector stakeholders with a focus on implementation science challenges related to neuro-health and brain disorders in LMICs.

Past Projects

Portion of cover of NIH-PEPFAR PMTCT publication

Topic: PMTCT
NIH-PEPFAR Prevention of Mother-to-child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) Implementation Science Alliance
Collaboration | Journal Publication
A project to convene implementation scientists focusing on PMTCT, PMTCT implementers, and in-country policymakers to catalyze collaboration and communication, resulting in publications in leading journals.

Close up of data entry on mobile device with a stylus, multiple people point to screen

Topic: mHealth
Global mHealth Research Training Institute
An in-person, scenario-based training institute to promote multidisciplinary research, implementation science and novel research methodologies to a cohort of researchers from diverse fields.

Portion of the poster for a meeting on brain disorders in LMICs

Topic: Brain Disorders
Brain Disorders in Low- and Middle-income Countries: a Vision for Future Research and Training
Journal Publication

A writing retreat joining U.S. and LMIC researchers to work on articles articulating the current scientific landscape and research priorities related to brain disorders. The retreat generated a collection of articles, published as a supplement to Nature.

Portion of the poster for a meeting on tobacco control in LMICs

Topic: Tobacco Control
Using Research Evidence and Capacity to Inform Tobacco Control in LMICs
Workshop | Journal Publication
A two-day workshop for leading researchers, funders, scientists, policymakers and other critical stakeholders in tobacco control on effective tobacco control policy and programs.

Portion of the cover of JERHRE, a journal on research ethics

Topic: Bioethics
International Research Ethics: Lessons Learned and Future Priorities
Journal Publication
A gathering of Principal Investigators of Fogarty's bioethics program to plan for a collection of papers to address a range of topical and regional issues related to research ethics.

Portion of the poster for a meeting on NIV and NCDs

Topic: HIV-NCDs
HIV and Noncommunicable Disease Comorbidities in LMICs in the ART Era
Workshop | Journal Publication
A scientific forum to discuss the state of the science and identification of key HIV and NCD comorbidities research priorities to catalyze research collaborations and investment.

Logo for GETHealth: A Global Education and Technology Health Summit

Topic: Information and Communications Technology
Global Education + Technology Health (GETHealth) Summit-IT Infrastructure Stakeholders Consultation and Planning Meetings
A series of consultations in partnership with Johns Hopkins to help lay the groundwork for the Global Education and Technology Health (GETHealth) Summit.

Portion of a poster for a meeting on household air pollution

Topic: Household Air Pollution
Household Air Pollution Research Training Institute
A training institute to gather U.S. and LMICs scientists interested in developing research projects on the health effects of traditional and improved cookstoves.

Mother holds child

Topic: Child Survival
Consultation on Child Survival and Ending Preventable Child Deaths
Collaboration | Journal Publication
A consultation of child survival experts from around the world to accelerate progress in meeting child survival goals.

Portion of a graphic for a mental health meeting showing interconnected images of people of all ages

Topic: Mental Health
Translating the Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health into Policy and Practice

Journal Publication

A writing workshop to establish research priorities for global mental health, resulting in a series of publications on the integration of mental health services into health care delivery systems.

Five men in an office collaborate and discuss in an office at the Center for Global Health Studies 

Many people seated at a large conference table discuss and collaborate at the Center for Global Health Studies 


About the Center Facilities

The Center is located on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Center facilities host in-person and virtual, distance-based trainings and collaborations for supported projects.

The building has three floors of office and meeting space, including a conference room with state-of-the-art videoconferencing capabilities.


Nalini Anand, J.D., M.P.H.
Director, Center for Global Health Studies
Fogarty International Center
Phone: (301) 402-7348

Fogarty Advisory Board Subcommittee

A subcommittee of the Fogarty Advisory Board provides strategic direction for the Center's projects and programs.

Gretchen L. Birbeck, M.D., M.P.H.
University of Rochester Medical Center

King Holmes, Ph.D., M.D., A.B.
William H. Foege Chair and Professor, Department of Global Health
University of Washington
Director, Center for AIDS and STD, Chief, Infectious Diseases
Harborview Medical Center

Joseph C. Kolars, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives
Josiah Macy, Jr., Professor of Health Professions Education
Professor of Internal Medicine
University of Michigan Medical School

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