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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health
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Fogarty Trainees Become Global Health Leaders

Headshot of Dr. Robert Samuels

Mohamed Seif El-din, Egypt Ministry of Health

In his role managing the central administration of all urgent and critical care, Mohamed Seif El-din conducts research for road traffic injuries, poison control, and burn care. He credits his Fogarty training with developing his appetite for acquiring knowledge in fields parallel to his own.


Over the decades, Fogarty’s programs have made significant contributions by filling the pipeline of global health leaders, extending the frontiers of science and accelerating discovery. These featured researchers — including senior government officials, and leaders of academic and nongonvermental organizations around the world — share how training supported by Fogarty has impacted their careers, helped build in-country research capacity, and fostered collaboration in research areas vital to global health.

Dr. Michelle Groom, National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), South Africa

Headshot of Dr. Michelle Groom.

Emerging Global Leader award recipient Dr. Michelle Groome details how personal experience with rotavirus influenced her Fogarty research and her career.


Dr. Nandini Kumar

Headshot of Dr. Nandini Kumar.

Dr. Nandini Kumar received a Fogarty grant to establish a national bioethics training program and helped formulate India’s national research ethics guidelines.


Dr. Andrew Kambugu, Infectious Disease Institute (IDI), Kampala, Uganda

Headshot of Dr. Andrew Kambugu

Dr. Andrew Kambugu’s Fogarty training grant is helping to enhance HIV research capacity in East Africa.


Dr. Robert Samuels
Kenema Government Hospital (KGH), Sierra Leone

Headshot of Robert Samuels

Using the skills he learned through Fogarty programs, Dr. Robert Samuels is evaluating the prevalence of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in young children.


Dr. Admire Dube
University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Dr. Admire Dube working in a lab.

Fogarty-supported training laid the foundation for Dr. Admire Dube's NIH grants to study the use of nanotechnology to help eradicate tuberculosis.


Dr. Lloyd Mulenga
Zambia MOH, University of Zambia, Vanderbilt University

Headshot of Dr. Lloyd Mulenga.

Dr. Lloyd Mulenga, who earned three advanced degrees with support from Fogarty research training programs, discusses the synergies of his roles as a physician, scientist and policymaker in Zambia.


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Updated June 16, 2022