Fogarty HIV Research Training Program

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Program Overview

The overall goal of the Fogarty HIV Research Training Program is to strengthen the human capacity to contribute to the ability of institutions in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to conduct HIV-related research on the evolving HIV-related epidemics in their country and to compete independently for research funding. (See The World Bank Country and Lending Groups to identify countries with low- or middle-income economies.)

With co-funding from other NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices, Fogarty has provided over 25 years of support to HIV research through two HIV research training programs: the AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP) and the International Clinical, Operations and Health Services Research Training Award for AIDS TB program (ICOHRTA AIDS TB). In 2013, Fogarty consolidated these two programs into the new Fogarty HIV Research Training Program.

While the areas for training permitted under the new program will be broad - to include HIV-related research areas and selected critical research infrastructure functions - each application should focus on building or strengthening capacity in a particular scientific or critical research infrastructure function at an LMIC institution or LMIC sites in an established HIV Research Network. Applicant organizations may submit more than one application, provided that each application is programmatically and scientifically distinct.

The Fogarty HIV Research Training Program will move beyond simple output indicators (number and type of people trained) to outcome indicators (increased research capacity at an institutional level) for more meaningful monitoring and evaluating both of individual awards and of the program as a whole. Applicants should design a training plan for individuals that will also demonstrate in an explicit and defined way how the training will contribute to a higher level of research capacity at the LMIC institution or LMIC network sites. It is anticipated that this approach will allow applicants to be more responsive to an emerging need at an LMIC institution for research capacity, and will provide more opportunities for LMIC institutions to collaborate with NIH and other U.S. government funded efforts.

Recent Awards

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Programmatic Issues

Geetha Bansal, Ph.D.
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Grants Management

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Grants Management Specialist
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