International Implementation, Clinical, Operational and Health Services Research Training Award for AIDS and Tuberculosis (IICOHRTA-AIDS/TB)

Status: Closed


Program Overview

This program supports research training to strengthen the capacity of foreign institutions to conduct clinical research and implementation science, including operations and health services research focused on HIV infection, TB, and where relevant, HIV/TB co-infection prevention, care and treatment. These institutions are located in low- and middle-income countries where AIDS, TB, or both are significant problems. The proposed research training addresses the skills needed at institutions to design and conduct HIV/AIDS and TB research for the scale-up of promising interventions to the population and health care system level.


The ICOHRTA AIDS/TB program is implemented in two phases. In Phase I, one-year planning grants to support the development of full research training applications are awarded to institutions with strong HIV- or TB-related research experience. The institutions are located in countries defined by The World Bank as low income, lower-middle income or upper-middle income. See The World Bank Country and Lending Groups to identify countries with low- or middle-income economies. Only the recipients of a Phase I planning grant and their chosen U.S. collaborating partner institutions are eligible to apply for Phase II full (Comprehensive) ICOHRTA-AIDS/TB awards. In Phase II, five-year grants are awarded to the successful partner institutions to support their proposed research training program for the institution in the low- or middle-income country. Individuals from the low- and middle-income countries that received Phase II awards who wish to become trainees must apply to the project director of an awarded grant in their country.

Fogarty is not currently soliciting planning grant applications. The first phase of the ICOHRTA-AIDS/TB program began in fiscal year 2002. In total, 20 planning grants have been awarded to date to institutions in Botswana, Brazil (2 awards), China, Haiti, India, Malawi, Mexico (2), Peru, Philippines, Russia (2), South Africa (3), Tanzania, Uganda (2), and Zimbabwe.

Phase II awards support training for HIV- and TB-related clinical, operational and health services research at institutions in Brazil (Year 2005, 2010), China (2004, 2009), Haiti (2004, 2009), Peru (2007), South Africa (2007), Tanzania (2009), Uganda (2004, 2009), and Zimbabwe (2005, 2010). The program also supports training to develop and extend core research support capabilities, such as expertise in ethics and compliance issues, protection for human subjects, animal welfare, fiscal management, budgeting, program and grants administration, grant and report writing, preparation of scientific manuscripts, information technologies, technology transfer and management of intellectual property, data management, and Internet connectivity, that are necessary for long-term sustainability of the research capacity in the institutions in the low- and middle-income countries.

Recent Awards

View a list of IICOHRTA-AIDS/TB phase II (full) awards.


Programmatic Issues

Jeanne McDermott, M.P.H., Ph.D.
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Grants Management

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