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Profiles of Fogarty Fellows and Scholars

Neiloy Sircar presenting, slide projected in the background.

Using legal skills to study human rights and HIV/AIDS

Neiloy Sircar, the first lawyer to participate in Fogarty’s Fellows and Scholars program, examined consent, privacy and confidentiality as part of Kenya's strategy to control HIV and link more people with treatment.


Fogarty's Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars and Fulbright-Fogarty Fellows and Scholars in Public Health provide mentorship and research opportunities for early stage investigators from the U.S. and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Fogarty profiles the work and experience of these early-stage investigators trained with Fogarty support in each issue of Global Health Matters.

Lush plants grown in slum neighborhood in Peru.

Establishing gardens in a Peru to improve health

Dr. Leann Andrews launched a project to establish gardens to improve health in a slum community in Iquitos, Peru, as a Fogarty Fellow. She is the first landscape architect supported by the program.

In office, Dr. Eric Coker standing works on a tablet while woman working with a smartphone looks on.

Uganda's indoor air pollution

Dr. Eric Coker trained local health workers and used the data they gathered to improve understanding of the complex interplay between indoor air quality and poor respiratory health in Ugandan children.

In Dhaka, Dr. Eric Nelson pumps water through a hose from a pond into a blue barrel, surrounded by others who are helping.

Cholera research in Bangladesh

Dr. Eric Nelson identified key factors that contributed to the understanding of cholera transmission, and developed partnerships that would lead to future research collaborations.

Suchi Anand stands outdoors in India.

Chronic kidney disease in India

Dr. Shuchi Anand Fogarty fellowship segued into an NIH career development grant that allowed her to expand upon her chronic kidney disease work in India.

Dr. Cameron Gaskill, with a stethoscope around his neck, sits next to a young child wearing a headscarf

HIV referral patterns in Ghana

Dr. Cameron Gaskill studied how to enhance hospital referral systems for emergency care patients who were tested and found to be HIV positive in Ghana.

Dr. Fran Wu trains a group of ophthalmology residents

Rare pediatric cancer in Ethiopia

Dr. Fran Wu, the first Fogarty ophthalmology Fellow, spent a year in Ethiopia researching retinoblastoma, a rare pediatric eye cancer.

Dr. Aileen Chang wearing gloves uses needle to administer to wounds on patient’s arm resting on a covered table in a clinic

Kaposi’s sarcoma in Uganda

Dr. Aileen Chang's experience as the first dermatologist to be awarded a Fogarty fellowship helped affirm her interest in a career in global health.

Dr. Vivek Naranbhai speaking at a podium

HIV researcher enters a global network

For Dr. Vivek Naranbhai, his time as a Fogarty Fellow changed his outlook and confirmed that his future lay in global health.

Dr. Amy Sims Sanyahumbi works with ultrasound machine while patient lies on side

Rheumatic heart disease in Malawi

Five years after completing a Fogarty global health fellowship in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Amy Sims Sanyahumbi has returned to Malawi.


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Updated October 2019