Profiles of Fogarty Fellows and Scholars

Dr. Emmanuel Balandya points to an item on a scientific poster in a conference room

Sickle cell immunity in Tanzania

Dr. Emmanuel Balandya hopes data from his research on immune cells in sickle cell disease will bring more interventions to Africa.


Fogarty's Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars and Fulbright-Fogarty Fellows and Scholars in Public Health provide mentorship and research opportunities for early stage investigators from the U.S. and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Fogarty profiles the work and experience of a Fellows and Scholars in each issue of Global Health Matters.

Dr. Laura Lewandowski reviews printouts in a medical exam room

Studying lupus in South African children

As a Fogarty Fellow in South Africa, Dr. Laura Lewandowski studied pediatric lupus, which is more common and severe in people of African descent.

Dr Brie Falkard wearing lab coat and protective gloves works in lab next to fume hood, speaking with another lab worker

Fulbright-Fogarty Fellow studies cholera in children

To help develop more effective cholera vaccines, Dr. Brie Falkard has studied the human immune system response.

Dr Lilliam Pinzón performs a dental exam for a child in a reclined dental chair

Dental Fellow sees children with HIV

Fogarty Fellow Lilliam Pinzón studied cavity treatments in Mexican children with HIV.

Andrew Gardner and medical worker in the hospital in Ghana

Fogarty Scholar casts light on alcohol injuries

Research by Fogarty Scholar Andrew Gardner helped generate accurate scientific data on alcohol's contribution to injury in Ghana.

Dr. Arti Kundu collects samples from hand surfaces using a bag of sterile water from a female study participant in a busy street

Fogarty engineering fellow tests water purity

Fogarty fellow and engineer Dr. Arti Kundu studies the role of unclean hands in water contamination in India.

Dr. John Stanifer examines seated female patient outdoors

Studying chronic kidney disease in Tanzania

Dr. John Stanifer investigated chronic kidney disease prevalence and causes in an area near Mount Kilimanjaro.

Dr Akwi Asombang in white coat with stethoscope seated at desk takes note on pad while speaking with a seated patient

Advancing cancer research in Zambia

Dr. Akwi Asombang's fellowship studying antioxidant status as a gastric cancer risk factor in Zambia solidified her interest in global health.


Dr Emily Vogtmann and another female researcher seated at a table in an office review and discusses data printed on paper

Studying cancer threats in China

Fogarty Scholar Dr. Emily Vogtmann investigated the possible link between cruciferous vegetable intake and colorectal cancer risk.


Dr. Jennifer Syvertsen speaking to full classroom of students, slide projected in background

Documenting drugs and HIV risk in Kenya

As a Fogarty Fellow, Dr. Jennifer Syvertsen measured patterns of drug injection and HIV risk in the Nyanza Province of Kenya.


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Updated January 2017

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