Profiles of Fogarty Fellows and Scholars

Dr. Vivek Naranbhai speaking at a podium

Entering global network via fellowship program

For Dr. Vivek Naranbhai, an HIV researcher working in South Africa, his time as a Fogarty Fellow changed his outlook and confirmed that his future lay in global health.


Fogarty's Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars and Fulbright-Fogarty Fellows and Scholars in Public Health provide mentorship and research opportunities for early stage investigators from the U.S. and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Fogarty profiles the work and experience of a Fellows and Scholars in each issue of Global Health Matters.​

Dr. Amy Sims Sanyahumbi works with ultrasound machine while patient lies on side

Fighting rheumatic heart disease in Malawi

Five years after completing a Fogarty global health fellowship in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Amy Sims Sanyahumbi has returned to Malawi.

Headshot of Dr. Brian J. Hall, photo courtesy University of Macau

Studying mental health of migrants

As a Fogarty Fellow in China, Dr. Brian Hall examined the social and health challenges facing African migrants.

Dr. Mohammad Aminul Islam works with samples in a lab

Battling antimicrobial resistance in Bangladesh

As a Fogarty Fellow, Dr. Mohammad Aminul Islam studied how the NDM-1 gene that makes some bacteria resistant to antibiotics established a presence in Bangladesh.

Dr. Dorothy Dow examines a young patient in an exam room

Studying suicide in teens with HIV

Fogarty Fellow Dr. Dorothy Dow conducted research on the mental health needs and psychological difficulties experienced by HIV-infected youth in Tanzania.

Dr. Lily Gutnik in operating room operates on patient who is under cover on the operating table

Boosting breast cancer screening in Malawi

As a Fulbright-Fogarty fellow in Malawi, Dr. Lily Gutnik studied how to change perceptions of breast cancer and increase the number of women who are screened for the disease.

Dr. Gigi Bastien speaks with a study participant who is seated across from her at a table

Tackling Ebola's mental scars in Liberia

Fogarty Fellow Dr. Gigi Bastien wants to improve understanding of the mental health and psycho-social challenges facing communities and individuals affected by Ebola.​

Dr Naidoo in a white lab coat seated at a desk reviews side by side chest x-rays on a computer screen

Improving HIV/AIDS treatment in South Africa

As a Fogarty Scholar, Dr. Kogieleum Naidoo contributed to a pivotal study that led to more effective treatment of people co-infected with HIV and TB.

Dr Paul Drain smiles at camera in hall of a hospital, wearing white doctor's coat, stethoscope around neck

Accelerating point-of-care diagnostics for TB

Dr. Paul Drain helped to assess point-of-care diagnostics for tuberculosis​ and HIV as a Fogarty scholar in South Africa.

Dr Manning in an exam room with stethoscope in ears holds it to a young boy’s back, she looks down at him

Studying malaria and bioethics in Mali

Dr. Jessica Manning conducted malaria vaccine research as a Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholar in Mali.


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Updated June 2018

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