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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health
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Fogarty Global Health Fellows & Scholars at 20

Logo  for 20th Anniversary for Global Health Fellows & Scholars

Celebration Event

Fogarty's flagship Global Health Fellows and Scholars program, now known as LAUNCH is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! To mark the occasion, Fogarty hosted a commemorative event on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

Watch: Recorded video of the event 

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Program History & Impact

Dr. Francis Collins with Fellows at 2019 reception

Fellows & Scholars at 20: A look back

Fogarty's Global Health Fellows & Scholars program has grown from its modest beginnings with only 35 scholars at 14 research institutions to supporting over 100 scholars at over 60 institutions and sites each year. We look back at its first 20 years.

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Dr. Hagan works with a mother holding her infant

One program, 20 years, global impact

The Global Health Fellows and Scholars program has been known by many names. Nevertheless, with each change, the driving force remains the same: to inspire health professionals and researchers worldwide to pursue a career in global health research.

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Fellow & Scholar Profiles

Andrew Kim working with samples in a lab with a colleague.

Featured Fellows & Scholars

Meet some of the nearly 1,450 alumni of the Global Health Fellows and Scholars program, now known as LAUNCH.

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Paying it forward

Alumni at April 2023 events marking 20 years of Fogarty Global Health Fellows & Scholars described the impact mentors have had on their careers. Now many of them are paying it forward to the next generation.

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How a single year can have profound influence

It is extraordinary to see how a single year can have such a profound, defining influence on one's life and career. Acting Fogarty Director Peter Kilmarx reflects on 20 years for the Fogarty Global Health Fellows & Scholars/LAUNCH program.

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Dr. Satish Gopal talks with UNC-Project Cancer Program staff Tamiwe Tomoka (at microscope) and Edwards Kasonkanji (standing).

LAUNCHing global health leaders: A former Fellow's perspective

While the program was not called LAUNCH when Dr. Satish Gopal began his Fogarty global health fellowship in 2012, the new name is unmistakably appropriate. The program has effectively LAUNCHED the careers of countless global health luminaries worldwide.

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Dr. Roger Class with group of fellows in 2017

Pioneers and leaders in global health research: A message from former Director Roger I. Glass

Some people question why the U.S. should invest in the training of American and foreign investigators in the broad area of global health. Many alumni of this program are pioneers, leaders, and major contributors to global health research and have provided multi-year returns on our investments in their training.

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Cover: Fellows and Scholars Program Evaluation, April 2024

Evaluation: Fellows and Scholars Training Program

Fogarty conducted an evaluation of the Global Health Fellows and Scholars Training Program (now known as LAUNCH). The review of the Fellows and Scholars (F&S) Program was guided by the Fogarty International Center framework for program assessment and key elements highlighted in the program’s various notices of funding opportunity (NOFOs) issued for this program.

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Print Booklet

Download and print: Global Health Fellows & Scholars 20th Anniversary printable PDF. 

Note: While the PDF version of the booklet is not 508 compliant, the web versions of the same content (linked from this page) are compliant.

More About the LAUNCH Progam

Updated May 16, 2024