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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health
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Archive: Viewpoints of Fogarty at 50

Headshot of Dr. Patricia Garcia

“Every step you take in life shapes who you are. And the steps I’ve walked with the help of Fogarty were instrumental in helping me to achieve a great deal, including being appointed health minister.”

Dr. Patricia Garcia
former Fogarty trainee
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia


Since our founding in 1968, Fogarty programs have provided significant research training to about 6,000 scientists worldwide, influencing careers, encouraging collaborations and establishing partnerships. As we mark our 50th year, we are featuring comments from members of our community on how Fogarty programs have aided their careers and advanced their research.

Dr. Marcos Espinal
Director, Communicable Diseases, PAHO

Dr Marcos Espinal, speaks into microphone in a conference room, sign on Zika Virus in the background

"My Fogarty training was a defining experience in my career ... It opened up my world completely, gave me another view, and I fell in love with public health and research."


Dr. Clement Adebamowo
University of Ibadan

Dr. Clement Adebamowo looks at camera, smiling, points to Nigeria on a world map

"For us in Nigeria, the Fogarty funding for bioethics changed the entire landscape. What we have now would have been impossible without the Fogarty funding."


Dr. Janine A. Clayton Director, NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health

Headshot of Dr. Janine A. Clayton

“The contributions of Fogarty to knowledge regarding the health of women from a global perspective are invaluable. Fogarty values the critical role that sex and gender play at every level of analysis and I have great admiration for its recognition of ‘women as makers.’”


Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye
Uganda Science Minister

Headshot of Elioda Tumwesigye

"Without Fogarty, I quite simply wouldn’t be who I am today." More

Dr. Ruth Nduati
University of Nairobi

Headshot of Dr Ruth Nduati

“Fogarty training has given us Africans the skills we need to conduct research, document the illness and look at possible interventions that work in Africa.”


Dr. Linda-Gail Bekker
President, International AIDS Society

Linda-Gail Bekker speaks at a podium

“NIH funds fantastic research and Fogarty backs this up with excellent capacity building. Thinking that we can do research without good training, without building scientific capacity is wrong and in many ways deluded. The two go hand-in-hand.”


Dr. Peter Singer
Grand Challenges Canada

Peter Singer stands in front of crowded classroom

“Fogarty understands that global change starts within individual countries, and during its 50 years of existence, its unique, sustained focus on supporting people in their own countries to solve their own problems has been a critical piece of the architecture and development of global health.”


Dr. Margaret Bentley
University of North Carolina

Peggy Bentley holds a young child, stands next to a man who balances a bicycle on a dusty road in Malawi

“I’m an anthropologist, so what’s important to me when we train our students ... is that they really need the kind of interdisciplinary grounding that the Fogarty Framework program encouraged.”


Dr. Thomas A. Gaziano
Harvard University

Dr. Thomas Gaziano seated in exam room taking notes

"Fogarty’s requirement you conduct your research and spend time in other countries outside the U.S. is absolutely critical."


Dr. Cameron E. Gaskill
Fogarty Fellow

Dr Cameron Gaskill with stethoscope around his neck sitting next to a child

“Fogarty’s been great to me. I met so many people at orientation that introduced me to the next person and the next person. The opportunity to be involved, to be invited into this community has been amazing.”


Dr. Jessica Manning
Fogarty Fellow

Dr Manning in an exam room with stethoscope in ears holds it to a young boy’s back, she looks down at him

“We are often reminded in medicine that we can only do so much. But shortcomings are what drive our desire to do clinical research - to improve, to advance, to care - so that one day when someone is looking for a miracle, we can deliver.”


Dr. Bill Pape
GHESKIO​ Director

Dr. Bill Pape outside in Haiti with sign in background reading Les Centres GHESKIO

"I can say that for us in Haiti, Fogarty has been the cornerstone of the entire program. Fogarty support has allowed us to train the leaders in our field, who themselves have trained thousands of others."


Dr. Michèle Ramsay
University of Witwatersrand

Dr. Michèle Ramsay stands in lab, worker in background

"Researchers in low- to middle-income countries ... often couldn’t do it without Fogarty."


Dr. Soumya Swaminathan
Indian CMR

Headshot of Dr. Soumya Swaminathan

"I view Fogarty as an organization that brings together people of different backgrounds and gets them to speak one language - the language of science."


Dr. Francis S. Collins
NIH Director

NIH Director Francis Collins poses for the camera with three young women in Uganda

"The human consequences of what we do are really quite profound."