Archive: Viewpoint: Dr Francis S Collins

NIH Director Francis Collins poses for the camera with three young women in Uganda
Photo by Dr. Roger I. Glass

​“I will never forget meeting these three young women in Uganda who told their stories about how research made it possible for them to be alive, all of them having participated in clinical trials.

​​“One had become HIV-infected early on when there was no treatment available except in trials. Another was able to prevent her baby from becoming infected as part of a PMTCT study. And a third, who was participating in a trial of a female vaginal ring approach to HIV prevention, putting women more in charge of their own destiny, instead of having to depend on men.

​“With tears in their eyes and sincerity in their voices, the women said ‘Thank you, America, you saved us.’ And they meant it.

​“People need to be reminded that the human consequences of what we do are really quite profound.”

​Dr. Francis S. Collins
NIH Director

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