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Advancing Science for Global Health
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Archive: Viewpoint: Dr Thomas A Gaziano

Dr. Thomas Gaziano seated in exam room and taking notes next to smiling female patient
Photo courtesy of Dr. Thomas Gaziano

“Fogarty’s requirement you conduct your research and spend time in other countries outside the U.S. is absolutely critical. Only in that way do you get exposed to particular problems that country faces, which may be quite different than what the U.S. is facing, even for the same disease.

“And secondly, that experience of living in-country allows you to develop relationships with the people that you’re going to collaborate with for years to come. It is one thing to call, or write or email someone in another country and ask them to collaborate with you. It’s a very different experience communicating with them once you’ve developed trust and a relationship. They believe you are interested in their country’s problems, that you understand them because you’ve spent time there. I think that requirement is critical and for me was life-changing.”

Dr. Thomas A. Gaziano
Assistant Professor, Harvard University
Fogarty grantee

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