Photo of Tsetse fly

This image was selected as a winner of the 2010 Fogarty Grantee Photo Contest.

very close up of fly’s head, brown, spiky, screen-like eyes

Photo title: Tsetse transmitted African trypanosomiasis

Photographer: Geoffrey Attardo, Yale University School of Public Health

Description: A female Tsetse fly (Glossina morsitans morsitans) from the Aksoy Lab colony at Yale University School of Public Health. This photo was taken in our rearing facility and the fly is waking up from being anesthetized on ice. The lab studies various aspects of tsetse fly biology (immunology, reproduction, symbiosis, vector/parasite interactions) with the primary goal of developing novel vector based strategies to control Human African Trypanosomiasis transmission.

Funding Fogarty program: Global Infectious Disease

Principal Investigator: Serap Aksoy, Yale University