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Global Research Initiative Program for New Foreign Investigators (GRIP)

The Global Research Initiative Program for New Foreign Investigators (GRIP) program is now closed. These answers to frequently asked questions supported application deadlines for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

  1. What are the key eligibility criteria?
    • Low- and middle-income country scientist
    • Trained under NIH funded intramural or specified extramural programs
    • At least two years of training experience or 1 year training plus 1 additional year of mentored research
  2. My project is related to both basic bio-medical research and behavioral and social science research. Which program should I apply for?

    You can apply for either of them, but not both, depending on your judgment on which review panel can be best appreciate your proposed research.

  3. What are examples of eligible NIH-funded research training grants?

    Examples include the following:
    • the NIH Intramural Visiting Fellow Program
    • FIC supported training through the D43, U2R, and the R24
    • NIDA’s INVEST; International Research Fellowship (F05)
    • NIEHS supported R01; NIA supported R01, R37, P01

  4. I have one year of training and one year of documented research. Do I qualify?

    Yes, but do provide letters from the mentors demonstrating how you will continue to collaborate, the content of the research, and the dates of past training and research.

  5. It has been longer than four years since I finished my training. May I still apply for the GRIP?

    Maybe. We allow an extended hiatus for compelling reasons such as family obligations or illness. However, the reason must be clearly explained in the application.

  6. How much salary support should the PI expect?

    The principal investigator should devote 50% of the total effort of the project and the salary will be commensurate with the salary structure of the applicant institution.

  7. I am not arriving in the country until November 15th. When should I expect the award?

    The award will be made after the investigator has arrived in the country to carry out the research supported by the award. Therefore, you should expect your award on November 15th.

  8. My institute is applying for the first time. Where may I look for advice?

    On the NIH Office of Extramural Research Web site, review the following:
    - Applying Electronically, as well as, also on this page, a PDF of NIH eSubmission Tips for International Applicants. To access the PDF, click "International" in the right-hand column under "Tips."
    - Foreign Grants Information section.

Updated May 2012