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JSPS Research Fellowships in Japan (Extramural)

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) conducts fellowship programs for foreign (non-Japanese) researchers to promote international cooperation in and mutual understanding through scientific research in Japan. The program provides opportunities for U.S. citizen and permanent resident researchers to conduct cooperative research under Japanese host researchers in Japan.

As the situation of the novel coronavirus changes, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) may consider applying flexibility in its handling of some of the entry items in the Application Guidelines.

About JSPS Extramural Fellowships

Research applications are accepted at Fogarty, which acts as a nominating authority for JSPS programs. Eligibility requirements and application procedures are different for each fellowship. Carefully review the following information describing eligibility and application procedures before submitting an application.

All fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are included under this program. NIH initially reviews applications for scientific merit. NIH will forward applications of sufficient scientific merit to JSPS for additional review and funding consideration. JSPS will directly notify applicants of their awards.

JSPS conducts short-term (one to 12 months) and long-term (12 to 24 months) fellowships for postdoctoral students. These fellowships were established to assist promising and highly-qualified young researchers wishing to conduct research in Japan. The program aims to provide opportunities for such researchers, under the guidance of their Japanese hosts, to conduct cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions, permitting them to advance their own research while stimulating Japanese academic circles, particularly young Japanese researchers, through close collaboration in scientific activities. The program also intends the collaboration to serve to advance scientific research in the counterpart countries.

How to Apply

  • Upcoming application deadlines:
    • Long-term JSPS postdoctoral fellowships: March 31, 2022
    • Short-term JSPS postdoctoral fellowships: March 31, 2022; September 30, 2022
  • Application: Contact Mili Ferreira at mili.ferreira@nih.gov to request an application.
  • Guidelines for JSPS short-term and long-term Extramural Fellowships
    • Short-term JSPS Extramural Fellowships
      Duration: 1-12 months
      Allocated NIH Slots: 5
      Two phases of recruitment in March and September 2022
    • Long-term JSPS Extramural Fellowships
      Duration: 12-24 months
      Allocated NIH Slots: 2
      One phase of recruitment in March 2022

Updated November 16, 2021