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Archive: Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows Program (FICRS-F)

Status: Discontinued

Program Overview

The Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars has replaced this program.

The Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows (FICRS-F) program offered one-year mentored clinical research training experience for doctoral students and post-doctoral candidates in health-related professions from the U.S. and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), as defined by the World Bank. All research training sites were established NIH-funded research sites in LMICs, especially in Africa, Asia and South America. This program was supported by Fogarty International Center through a competitive grant to Vanderbilt University.

Scholars Program

This program was designed for doctoral students. Each training site paired the U.S. scholar with an international, LMIC scholar from that site selected by the site’s principal investigators through established selection criteria. The program focused on diseases and health conditions in LMICs and builds global health research capacity and networks. About 20 to 25 pairs of scholars were selected each year.

Fellows Program

This program was for post-doctoral candidates from the U.S. and LMICs in active health-related programs including medical residencies and fellowships as well as health scientists with doctorate degrees. The Fellows Program was based on mentored clinical research and orientation towards global health research.


The program was sponsored by the Fogarty International Center in collaboration with:


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