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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health
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Cancer news, resources and funding for global health researchers

Cancer and other chronic, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are reaching epidemic proportions globally and are taking a particular toll on populations in the developing world. Cancer survival tends to be poorer in developing countries most likely because of a combination of late diagnosis and limited access to treatment. Many cancers could be prevented by applying existing knowledge, implementing tobacco control programs, vaccinating against liver and cervical cancers, providing early detection and treatment, and instituting public health campaigns promoting healthy diets and exercise.

To combat this crisis, the Center for Global Health at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at NIH supports research throughout the developing world, working to establish cancer registries, increase the availability of palliative care and support research training so the scientific capacity exists to help combat the disease.

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Updated April 9, 2024