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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health

Fogarty International Center

Photo by UNICEF Ethiopia/2021/Nahom Tesfaye. Woman holds a newborn baby, older child seated next to her on a cot.

Breastfeeding in LMICs poses complex research questions

Although six months of exclusive breastfeeding has long been recommended by the WHO to promote healthy child development, progress has stalled in some low-resource settings, jeopardizing efforts to reduce infant mortality. A number of barriers exist in low- and middle-income countries and each poses unique research questions.

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Fogarty Trainees

Fogarty’s programs have made significant contributions by filling the pipeline of global health leaders.

Headshot of Dr. Emmy Okello.

Former trainee Dr. Emmy Okello says his time at Case Western University in Ohio was transformational. “Every day I was forced to think in new ways. It was life-changing! ... It changes your mindset and helps you understand that things can change.”

Dr. Emmy Okello
Uganda Heart Institute
Makerere University