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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health

Fogarty International Center

This photograph shows Tbilisi, Georgia, from the air.

Georgia rising: Partnerships help this nation grow

Georgia serves as a cultural and economic link between Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Partnerships with its neighbors and the U.S. are helping transform the nation into a scientific hub, advancing public health and research.

Featured News

Photo portait of Kathleen Neuzil. Courtesy University of Maryland

Welcoming our new director
Join us in welcoming our new director! Dr. Kathleen Neuzil is the 13th director of the Fogarty International Center and the first woman to permanently hold the position

Illustration of stylized people representing various races and ethnicities

Fresh perspectives in global health
New funding aims to bring diverse perspectives to the research workforce: Deputy Director Peter Kilmarx discusses a new funding opportunity for existing grant recipients.

Center for Global Health Studies

Reciprocal innovation
What is reciprocal innovation? A new article series highlights successes and challenges in the exchange of innovations between low/middle-income and high-income countries.

Resilience Enhanced through Adaptation, Action-learning and Partnerships (REAAP): (for climate adaptation/climate smart agriculture theme): This photo shows Mr. Muktar in front of his keyhole garden at his homestead in Belina Kebele, Fedis Woreda, Oromia Region. The garden is producing vegetables for household consumption. This activity will increase households’ resilience to climate change and contribute to food and nutrition security. The photo was taken by CRS REAAP staff during field monitoring visit on August 14, 2015. REAAP Implementer and partners are: Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Ethiopian Catholic Church Social Development Coordination Office of Harar (ECC-SDCOH), Handicap International (HI) and Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid (Cordaid)

Climate change adaptation case studies
Fogarty-supported writing teams are developing case studies on adaptation strategies that respond to the impact of climate change on public health, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Global Health Research at NIH

Many of NIH's 27 Institutes and Centers are engaged in global health activities.

Headshot of Gene Kwan

NHLBI funds research in Haiti
Supporting better heart health through education: Gene Kwan discusses his work in rural Rwanda, Haiti, Malawi, Liberia, and India.

Global Health Research Topics

Fogarty and its NIH partners invest in a variety of research topics vital to global health.

Headshto of Weiming Tang

Capitalizing on crowdsourcing to promote HIV self-testing: Weiming Tang’s Fogarty project found cost-savings in crowdsourcing.