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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health

Fogarty International Center

This photo shows an Indian flag being waved

India’s impact on global health

India has the largest population in the world and boasts one of the largest diaspora populations. And when it comes to the world of global health and medicine, the nation is a powerhouse.

Featured News

Photo portrait of Peter Kilmarx wearing a dark blazer, a green bowtie, and a light blue shirt.

Directors' Blog
Seeing is believing: Acting Fogarty Director Peter Kilmarx recounts his experience witnessing Fogarty's impact on global health firsthand during a multi-country trip to Africa, Asia & Europe.

Graphic that displays CUGH 2024

CUGH 2024
Join us at CUGH 2024 in LA!
Explore and Register for the Fogarty Listening Session and other Fogarty & NIH sessions on March 7 through 10.

Fogarty Fellows & Scholars

Headshot of Gerald Bloomfield

Finding causes of heart failure in Western Kenya: Dr. Gerald Bloomfield's Fogarty project led to the development of a Cardiovascular Center of Excellence in Kenya.

Logo of Fogarty Global Health Fellows & Scholars 20th Anniversary

Fogarty Global Health Fellows & Scholars at 20: Fogarty's flagship Global Health Fellows and Scholars program, now known as LAUNCH, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

Global Health Research at NIH

Headshot of Chandy John

NINDS & Fogarty fund malaria-brain connection research
Finding the connection between malaria and brain development: Dr. Chandy John researches how and why severe malaria affects cognition in children.

Global Health Research Topics

Fogarty and its NIH partners invest in a variety of research topics vital to global health.

Headshot of Dr. Sophia Osawe

$45M USAID award goes to African HIV consortium: to implement the HIV Vaccine Innovation, Science, and Technology Acceleration in Africa program.