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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health
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Division of International Training and Research (DITR)

Training researchers, at home and abroad

Fogarty's Division of International Training and Research (DITR) administers research grants, training grants and fellowship programs at sites in more than 100 countries. Fogarty programs that build the research pipeline are anchored to peer-reviewed research grants and designed to be collab­orative, long term and flexible. Nearly a quarter of Fogarty awards are made directly to robust research institutions in the developing world. The remaining grants support scientists at U.S. institutions who collab­orate with colleagues abroad. About one-third of Fogarty's grants focus on scientific discovery, and two-thirds support research training.

Director: Flora Katz, Ph.D
Phone: 301-496-1653
Fax: 301-402-0779

Doctors with a patient and her husband at a Cambodian AITRP hospital site.
Photo by David Snyder

Fogarty's Division of International Training and
Research administers grants such as the AIDS
International Training and Research
Program (AITRP)
hospital site in Cambodia,
pictured above.

Building sustainable research capacity

Health research in the 21st century is increasingly a team effort. Interdisciplinary research groups have been prime movers in the development of low-cost diagnostics and cost-efficient ways to prevent and treat disease. Research groups are best suited to address global health issues when the teams are multinational and sensitive to local culture and context. Building such teams in institutions around the world has been an important Fogarty strategy for decades.

Research training programs focus on:

  • Infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria
  • Chronic conditions, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Population health
  • Informatics
  • Genetics
  • Clinical, operational and health services
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Research projects encourage discoveries in the areas of:

  • Brain disorders and mental illness
  • Ecology of infectious diseases
  • Biodiversity and natural products discovery
  • Tobacco
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Updated March 13, 2023