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Photo of pesticide applicators

This image was selected as a winner of the 2010 Fogarty Grantee Photo Contest.

Two men spay plants from in between rows of vines

Photo title: Pesticide applicators

Photographer: Frederico Peres, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ)

Description: This picture was taken in 2005 at Nova Friburgo, a rural municipality of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, during fieldwork stage of a risk perception study supported by FIC/NIH (ITREOH Program – Mount Sinai School of Medicine). It shows a rural worker spraying pesticides using some kind of protection he thought was correct (but it was not), at the same time his son was “helping” him (working with him) without any protection. As the father thought his son was only helping (and not working), he decided not to give any Individual Protective Equipment to his son. This picture shows, in conclusion, how risk perception assessments are important for the management of occupational exposure to pesticides

Funding Fogarty program: International Training and Research in Environmental and Occupational Health

Principal Investigator: Luz Claudio, Mount Sinai Medical Center