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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship Opportunities (JSPS)

Status: Accepting applications

Accepting applications for Extramural and Intramural Programs


As the situation of the novel coronavirus changes, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) may consider applying flexibility in its handling of some of the entry items in the Application Guidelines.

Program Overview

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), as the funding agency, provides scientific collaboration fellowships using the NIH as a nominating authority. Postdoctoral Extramural Fellowships allow U.S. (and permanent resident) scientists to conduct cooperative research under host researchers in Japan. Intramural Fellowships allow Japanese biomedical and behavioral scientists to conduct research at NIH.

Research Fellowships in Japan (Extramural)

JSPS conducts fellowship programs for foreign (non-Japanese) researchers to promote international cooperation in and mutual understanding through scientific research in Japan. The program provides opportunities for U.S. citizen and permanent resident researchers to conduct cooperative research under Japanese host researchers in Japan.

Japanese Researcher Fellowships at NIH (Intramural)

JSPS, in cooperation with Fogarty and the NIH Office of Intramural Research, offers fellowship awards to support meritorious biomedical and behavioral research projects undertaken in NIH laboratories by young Japanese postdoctoral researchers. These researchers must presently be, or have a commitment to be, funded by NIH to conduct research at an NIH Institute.


Mili Ferreira, MPH (primary contact)
Program Specialist
Phone: 301-827-7594
Email: mili.ferreira@nih.gov

Tina Chung, MPH
Program Officer
Phone: 301-496-4784
Email: Tina.Chung@nih.gov



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