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Lois Quam details Global Health Initiative strategy

March/ April 2011 | Volume 10, Issue 2

Lois Quam, newly-appointed executive director of the Global Health Initiative (GHI), has described the program’s mission as “improving the effectiveness and efficiency by which we deliver our knowledge, our capacity, our resources around the world so that we can save more lives, we can reduce the immense suffering and burden of illness and we can protect our country at the same time.” Her remarks came during Quam’s first public address since assuming her post. She noted she would be spending a lot of time meeting with members of Congress.

Concurrent with her remarks, the GHI released a new “strategy document,” which detailed specific goals. “Monitoring and evaluating our progress, encouraging innovation, using current research, supporting and conducting new research and sharing the results of our learning are integral to all aspects of GHI and critical to its success,” the document asserts. The strategy envisions accelerating positive changes in health outcomes through research and innovation.

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