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Fogarty awards final Recovery Act funds

October 2010 | Volume 9, Issue 5

Fogarty’s final $4.6 million in Recovery Act funding will encourage innovative multidisciplinary research projects and enhance studies involving human subjects. An additional $8 million is being awarded from the NIH pool of stimulus funding to be administered by Fogarty for a project that will focus on implementing novel drugs, diagnostics, and devices in low-resource settings. (See related articles listed to the right.)

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In all, Fogarty has issued about 100 awards under the two-year stimulus program, totaling roughly $30 million. Fogarty's share of Recovery Act funding was $17.4 million but its grantees successfully competed for an additional $13 million in funds from the central NIH pot. Five such applications were supported under the "Challenge" program, with $3 million of the funding coming from the central pool. Another $8 million came from the NIH Director’s fund for the new implementation science consortium and about $2 million to support "Signature Framework" awards.

Fogarty-funded awards were almost equally divided between new projects in existing Fogarty programs and supplements to enhance ongoing projects. The remainder financed research and development contracts and salaries for support personnel necessary to meet government reporting and evaluation requirements. Consistent with Fogarty’s mission, about 29 percent of the funding was awarded to research projects.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was created in 2009 to create and preserve jobs, spur economic activity and foster transparency in government spending.

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