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Global Health Briefs June 2010

June 2010 | Volume 9, Issue 3

World Bank opens access to data

For the first time, the World Bank is providing open access to all the information in its databases, most of which had previously been available only to paying subscribers. The open data initiative is intended to stimulate more evidence-based policymaking in developing countries and to encourage them to increase their capacity to generate such data.

US announces malaria strategy

As part of its Global Health Initiative, the U.S. has released a six-year plan for the President’s Malaria Initiative, with the goal of reducing preventable malaria deaths to near zero by 2015.

NIH details climate research needs

The NIH interagency working group on climate change and health has issued a report highlighting health consequences of climate change in 11 categories including asthma and cancer. It identifies research needed to better understand and mitigate the health effects of climate change.

African brain drain continues

Africa's contribution to the global body of scientific research is very small and does little to benefit its own populations, according to a new report from Thomson Reuters. Many of Africa’s brightest citizens study abroad and fail to return. Part of the problem is chronic lack of investment in research and teaching facilities despite substantial resources in some countries, the study says.

Newborn health Web site debuts

The Healthy Newborn Network, a global online community of newborn health professionals and organizations, has been launched to address critical knowledge gaps in newborn health. Resources include country-specific statistics, news and events.

GHC advocates for maternal, child health

The Global Health Council has published a new position paper on maternal, newborn, child and reproductive health, advocating strategies to reduce mortality and improve health.

  • Download the full report, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Reproductive Health. [PDF <1M], from the Global Health Council website.

Helping Babies Breathe

Helping Babies Breathe, an effort to prevent newborn deaths in poor countries, has been launched with support from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

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