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NIH Director Francis Collins tours India research sites

January / February 2012 | Volume 11, Issue 1

NIH Director Dr Francis S Collins stands in front of large genomics-inspired status in India
Photo by Dr. Roger I. Glass

NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins
recently spent a week touring
India's top research sites including
Biocon in Bangalore, where he
posed with a statue dedicated to
leaders in genomics.

NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins made his first official visit to India recently, touring the country's top research sites, reviewing existing collaborations and discussing potential new areas for partnership.

India is scaling up its investment in research and training, providing additional opportunities for collaboration. Collins met with leading scientists and students at NIH-funded institutions, gave several public lectures and participated in a summit on low-cost medical technologies.

A joint U.S.-India effort is being explored to spur development of affordable diagnostics and interventions intended to drive down health care costs in both countries.

Collins also signed agreements to collaborate on stem cell research and diabetes. The studies will compare risk factors and interventions to advance understanding of the disease in both countries.

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