NIH, Brazil launch novel funding program

January / February 2015 | Volume 14, Issue 1

Dr. Carlos de Brito Cruz of FAPESP and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins shake hands
Photo by Cathy Kristiansen

Brazil's Dr. Carlos de Brito Cruz and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins
have launched an initiative to advance research collaborations
between their countries.

The NIH and a major research foundation in Brazil have initiated a groundbreaking program that is expected to expand global health research by making it easier to fund scientific collaborations on valuable projects. The agreement was formalized recently by NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins and Dr. Carlos H. de Brito Cruz, scientific director of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).

The two organizations will jointly fund projects involving international collaborative teams that cover any topic of mutual interest. NIH will perform the peer review. This is the first NIH parallel funding agreement establishing a science collaboration model with a foreign partner that covers such a wide range of potential research areas.

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