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Hookah resources for global health researchers

March / April 2014 | Volume 13, Issue 2

Woman smoking a water pipe hookah blows smoke rings.
Photo by Cathy Kristiansen

NIH-funded researchers have shown
waterpipe smoking, popular among U.S.
college students, carries serious health

The use of hookahs, or waterpipes, to smoke tobacco and herbal products is increasing in global popularity, but there is little or no regulation of them.

The following resources may be useful to researchers and policymakers working to contribute to the body of hookah smoking research, and to educate smokers about associated health risks.

Toxicity research | Behavior research | Advocacy articles | Advocacy orgs | Fact sheets

Toxicity of hookah smoking - research findings

Hookah smoking behavior - scientific papers

Hookah policy advocacy - articles

Hookah policy advocacy - organizations

Fact sheets on hookahs

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