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Advancing Science for Global Health
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On 50th anniversary, Fogarty reviews progress

March / April 2018 | Volume 17, Number 2

Fogarty at 50 #Fogarty50 


To commemorate 50 years of its global health research and training programs, Fogarty is convening partners and grantees on May 1, 2018 to review accomplishments and lessons learned, as well as consider future directions and goals.

The day-long symposium is titled Fogarty at 50: What are the new frontiers in global health research?"

The Lancet editor Dr. Richard Horton will provide the keynote address, which will be followed by panel discussions of how to advance global health priorities. NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins will also present his observations on how NIH Institutes and Centers can collectively sustain and advance the global health research agenda.

Panelists will present case studies and lead conversations to explore questions such as what is needed to advance infectious disease research and achieve the end of HIV/AIDS; how can existing platforms be leveraged to address noncommunicable diseases; and what can be done to advance the global brain disorders agenda. Finally, senior investigators and their trainees will discuss the long-term impact of the multigenerational capacity building Fogarty supports.

Watch the recorded webcast [Video] from NIH videocasting.

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