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March/April 2023 Global Health Matters Newsletter

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Global Health Fellows & Scholars at 20

Fogarty's Global Health Fellows and Scholars program, now known as LAUNCH, has grown from modest beginnings to supporting over 100 scholars at over 60 research institutions and sites each year.

How a single year can have profound influence

It is extraordinary to see how a single year can have such a profound, defining influence on one’s life and career. Acting Fogarty Director Peter Kilmarx reflects on 20 years of the Fogarty Global Health Fellows & Scholars/LAUNCH program.

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LAUNCHing global health leaders: A former Fellow’s perspective

While the program was not called LAUNCH when Dr. Satish Gopal began his Fogarty global health fellowship in 2012, the new name is unmistakably appropriate. The program has effectively LAUNCHED the careers of countless global health luminaries worldwide.

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The map on this page shows that the burden of dementia prevalence is unevenly distributed across states and subpopulations in India.

Prevalence of dementia in India underestimated

Previous estimates inadequately represented the population. A new NIA-funded study led by Jinkook Lee recruited from around the country and found not only higher prevalence but substantial regional variation as well.

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Researchers probe HIV-associated stroke in Zambia

Mechanisms leading to excess stroke risk among people living with HIV are poorly understood. A team led by Dr. Deanna Saylor at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka, Zambia, is exploring these entwined conditions.

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Building HIV prevention awareness for mothers in India

Dr. Jacqueline Firth's work with HIV awareness started her on the path to her current role at USAID as Branch Chief of the Pediatric and Maternal Clinical HIV Branch. 

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Caring for kids (and their moms) in Suriname

Dr. Wilco Zijlmans, head of pediatrics and lecturer at Anton de Kom University of Suriname studies maternal exposures to heavy metals and pesticides in different regions of Suriname and the possible effects on pediatric neurodevelopment.

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