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Fogarty web tools facilitate collaboration

May / June 2015 | Volume 14, Issue 3

To make it easier for Fogarty grantees to share information and identify possible collaborators, the Center has launched on its website a new searchable database of all current projects.

Screen capture of Fogarty grants search shows view filtered by program 


Researchers can search by investigators’ names or institutions and use filter tools to locate active Fogarty grants across programs, and by world region, country or topic area. Users can generate lists of grants matching specific criteria, and email search results to a colleague or bookmark them for future reference.

Investigators are providing this information about their projects in order to expand opportunities to form partnerships. Fogarty encourages users to reach out to investigators and the listed partners to share research findings and discuss the possibility of working together on projects.

Information provided through the new Fogarty tools complements the grant details made available via NIH RePORTER, a searchable repository of all NIH-funded research projects. RePORTER also allows users to access information about publications and patents resulting from NIH funding.

Investigators are encouraged to locate their listings on the Fogarty website and send updates to their program officer, or to FICInfo@nih.gov.

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