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People in the news - December 2014

November / December 2014 | Volume 13, Issue 6

Obama honors two NIH scientists, Fogarty grantee

In his annual recognition of top U.S. scientists and innovators, President Barack Obama honored two NIH scientists and one Fogarty grantee for their esteemed work. He presented the National Medal of Technology and Innovation to Drs. Douglas Lowy and John Schiller of the National Cancer Institute for their work on the human papilloma virus, which led to vaccines against the most prevalent strains causing cervical cancer.

Lowy and Schiller are working with colleagues at the WHO and other organizations to find ways to distribute HPV vaccines to those in need. In other work, they have partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturers in emerging countries in efforts to produce several second generation HPV vaccines that may be cheaper to manufacture and easier to deliver to underserved populations.

Obama awarded the National Medal of Science to Dr. Jerrold Meinwald, a professor emeritus at Cornell University. Meinwald was a Fogarty Scholar in residence from 1983-85 and an investigator on one of Fogarty's first biodiversity grants, which supported chemical prospecting research and training in Costa Rica.

Headshot of Dr. Douglas Lowy

Dr. Douglas Lowy

Headshot of Dr. Jerrold Meinwald

Dr. Jerrold Meinwald

Headshot of Dr. John Schiller

Dr. John Schiller

Headshot of Dr. Mitchell I. Wolfe

Dr. Mitchell I. Wolfe

Wolfe is named to US global health affairs post

Dr. Mitchell I. Wolfe has been selected as the new U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services. He previously served for 16 years at the CDC, both domestically and directing its Thailand and Vietnam offices

Earhart is new US health attaché in China

Dr. Kenneth C. Earhart has been appointed as U.S. health attaché in Beijing. Earhart, a Navy veteran, previously directed the CDC's Global Disease Detection Regional Center in New Delhi. He has researched diseases such as dengue fever, influenza and Rift Valley Fever.

Headshot of Dr. Kenneth C. Earhart

Dr. Kenneth C. Earhart

Headshot of Dr. Shannon L. Hader

Dr. Shannon L. Hader

CDC taps Hader to head its global AIDS division

The U.S. CDC has selected Dr. Shannon L. Hader, an infectious diseases physician and pediatrician, to lead its Division of Global HIV/AIDS. She was previously a director at the international development firm, Futures Group, and before that was CDC Country Director in Zimbabwe.

Fogarty grantee is recognized for parasite research

The Washington Global Health Alliance has presented Fogarty investigator Dr. Kenneth D. Stuart with its Impact Award. Stuart, a University of Washington professor and founder of Seattle BioMed, is an expert in trypanosomatids - parasites that cause sleeping sickness, Chagas disease and leishmaniasis.

Headshot of Dr. Kenneth D. Stuart

Dr. Kenneth D. Stuart

Headshot of Dr. George F. Koob

NIAAA Director Dr. George F. Koob

NIAAA's Koob wins award for neuropsychology

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Director, Dr. George F. Koob, has received the Ibsen Foundation's Neuronal Plasticity Prize. Koob was cited for his pioneering work in neuropsychology as it relates to drug addiction.

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