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Global Health Matters November/December 2022

The photo shows Dr. Matthew Bramble, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, using a swab to take a sample from the mouth of a child affected by konzo in Kahemba.

Focus: Konzo and the children of Kahemba

Meet a group of researchers looking to prevent and treat konzo, a paralyzing disease that can occur in impoverished regions where bitter cassava is a food staple.

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Also in Focus

Addressing mental health abroad helps US communities

Fogarty-funded research supporting the development of mental health policy in Liberia has positive implications for Liberian immigrants in the U.S.

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Here's how capacity building leads to pandemic preparedness

Five researchers shared how establishing research capacity before the pandemic aided national and regional responses to COVID-19.

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Profile: Former Fogarty Fellow tackles tobacco, TB, and mental health in South Africa

Richard van-Zyl Smit discusses his fellowship, poverty-related respiratory health issues, and mental health.

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Employing user-centered design to fill gaps in mental health treatment: Q&A with Lola Kola

In Nigeria—and in many places—young mothers feel social and self-stigma. Emerging Global Leader Lola Kola developed a mobile app to help teen mothers care for their mental and physical health.

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Opinion: Let’s not forget our pandemic achievements as we prepare for a new year

Throughout the pandemic, researchers trained by Fogarty have made scientific discoveries contributing to international security.

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The image is an artist’s rendering based on electron micrography of an ebola virus particle. One filament stands out against a cluster of an entangled bunch. Individually they look like twisted pieces of string colored orange and red.

Climate change accelerates Ebola outbreak frequency

Experts gathered for a recent AFREHealth webinar to discuss the state of Sudan ebolavirus in Uganda and the increasing frequency of Ebola outbreaks due to climate change.

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