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Advancing Science for Global Health
Advancing Science for Global Health
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The photo on this page shows four women laughing together in an office hallway. They are research administrators who have taken part in the training sessions sponsored by UNN and UCSD. All wear colorful African dresses.

Fogarty’s G-11 program builds support infrastructure so scientists can focus on research

For the last decade, Fogarty’s “G-11” program has supported educational programs geared toward improving research support at institutions in lower-revenue nations.

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Headshot of David Spiro

Charting the evolutionary course of influenza: Insights into epidemic dynamics

In this guest blog, David Spiro, director of Fogarty's Division of International Epidemiology and Population Studies, discusses a recent study looking at how the antigenic drift of flu viruses affects the size and severity of seasonal epidemics each year.

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In this photo, Young Kim (foreground with his back to the camera)  uses a smart phone to take a photo of a woman’s inner eyelid.

Fogarty-funded mHealth projects receive NIH technology awards

One of the projects built an algorithm to detect blood disorders with a photograph; the other uses AI to monitor recovery after caesarean delivery.

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Headshot of Dr. John Nkengasong

Barmes Lecture returns June 5

Hear Ambassador Dr. John Nkengasong, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Senior Bureau Official for Global Health Security and Diplomacy, speak about the Global HIV/AIDS Response: Then, Now, Future. Date: June 5, 2024, at NIH.

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Headshot of Peter Kilmarx

Striving for equity in global health research partnerships

Acting Fogarty Director Peter Kilmarx shares his thoughts on the progress NIH has made in promoting equity across its global health research activities.

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Headshot of Martin Lajous 


Studying risk factors for cancer in Mexico: Q&A with Martin Lajous, MD, ScD

Martin Lajous of Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health helped design the Mexican Teachers’ Cohort (MTC), the largest cancer cohort in Latin America.

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Headshot of Joan Matji

Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in South Africa

As a Fogarty Global Health Scholar, Dr. Joan Matji investigated associations among postnatal maternal nutritional status, maternal HIV disease progression, and infant feeding practices.

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Updated April 23, 2024