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Fogarty supports new infectious disease research training grants

September / October 2013 | Volume 12, Issue 5

Woman researcher in lab working with large microscope, wearing globes, white lab coat and bright purple head scarf
Photo courtesy of Aga Khan University

Fogarty's Global Infectious Disease Research
Training program supports studies of childhood
illnesses at Aga Khan University in Pakistan.

Fogarty has awarded six new grants totaling $5.6 million to support new and ongoing infectious disease research training in five low- and middle-income countries. Funding from Fogarty's Global Infectious Disease Research Training program will enhance the efforts of grantees to build human capacity and conduct research on diseases that are endemic in their home countries. The five-year awards will fund new and ongoing projects in Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Kenya and Pakistan.

"Malaria, tuberculosis, rotavirus and other dangerous pathogens still pose a serious threat to populations in developing countries, particularly to their poorest citizens," said Fogarty Director Dr. Roger I. Glass. "This funding will help clinicians and health workers combat these diseases, while building a critical mass of researchers and support staff at grantee institutions."

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will use its award to establish a new research training center in China focused on a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases. Emory University's grant will help launch a training initiative designed to improve the research, treatment and control of tuberculosis in Ethiopia, where the disease is considered a public health emergency.

A grant going to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center will renew support for ongoing training in Kenya that addresses severe anemia caused by malaria. An existing project that is administered by Johns Hopkins University and targets infectious diseases affecting mothers and children in Bangladesh will also receive a renewal award. Grantees from Yale University carrying out biomedical research training in Kenya on human African trypanosomiasis - also known as sleeping sickness - will receive a renewal award as well. Finally, funding will continue for training related to childhood diseases such as polio, rotavirus, pneumonia and measles through a renewal grant to Aga Khan University in Pakistan.

The awards are partly supported by NIH funding partner, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Fogarty Global Infectious Disease Research Training Awards

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