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HIV research training grantees receive supplements to focus on behavioral, social sciences

September / October 2017 | Volume 16, Issue 5

Six of the grantee institutions under Fogarty's HIV Research Training Program have received supplements to increase behavioral and social science training opportunities related to HIV/AIDS. The modest supplements, expected to total about $800,000 over two years, aim to expand and strengthen the work supported through the primary awards.

Some supplements will provide additional slots for trainees to receive behavioral and social sciences focused training. Others invest in planning activities for future applications with a substantial focus on behavioral and social science training in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Support for the supplements comes from the NIH Office of AIDS Research through a partnership with the Division of AIDS Research at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

2017 HIV Research Training Supplements

Case Western Reserve University
Principal investigator: Dr. W. Henry Boom
Additional trainee(s): Integrating behavioral and social science in biomedical research
Planning: Developing capacity for HIV-related social and behavioral science research in Uganda

Makerere University
Principal investigator: Dr. Moses Robert Kamya
Planning: Training in behavioral and social science to strengthen HIV related implementation research in Uganda

SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Principal investigator: Dr. Jack DeHovitz
Additional trainee(s): Ukraine HIV behavioral research scholar training program

University of Buffalo
Principal investigator: Dr. Gene Morse
Additional trainee(s): Behavioral and social sciences expertise in an HIV research training program
Planning: Planning activities for a D43 application in behavioral and social science research training in HIV/AIDS

University of Pittsburgh
Principal investigator: Dr. Phalguni Gupta
Additional trainee(s): Pitt HIV-TB research and training program in India

Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Principal investigator: Dr. Daniel Fitzgerald
Additional trainee(s): Research training program in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of AIDS-related MDR-TB in Haiti

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