New data for 2017 from NIH and other partners now available in World Report

October 30, 2018

Shreenshot of World Report showing direct award linked to 5 collaborations at research sites around the world
Image courtesy of World Report

With World Report, users can easily visualize international
research activities and partnered investments.

New data on research activities conducted in 2017 are now available in World Report, the open-access, interactive mapping database highlighting biomedical research investments and partnerships from some of the world’s largest funders.

This recent update includes new data provided by the European Commission (EC), European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP), Medical Research Council (MRC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Institut Pasteur, and Wellcome Trust.

The 2017 data from these funders adds more than 90,000 new records to World Report.

Although World Report has been expanded to cover the globe, a focus on research in Africa remains a priority. This latest addition includes over 3,000 records in Africa, reflecting research being conducted at more than 1,000 research institutions.

Among African institutions in World Report, the University of Cape Town and Makerere University have the largest share of research records.

The 2017 data include more than 65,000 direct awards and more than 25,000 foreign collaborations associated with these awards. World Report provides a visual summary of the connections between multiple sites involved in a single research project.

World Report is an open-access resource, available for anyone to explore. So far, users from 131 different countries around the world have visited World RePORT.

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