Photo Gallery of Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Research Sites

    These images were provided by Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) grant award recipients and partners, and depict the activities that will be enhanced and expanded through this initiative. They are available for free use in news articles about MEPI, with the appropriate acknowledgement as specified.

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    Two male medical staff lean toward counter to read charts and schedules of patients in hospital
    Woman in medical uniform braces neck of man lying on table, who has on neck brace, another man stands close and speaks to her, three women in similar uniforms stand and observer



    Group of medical students in white lab coats stands around hospital bed, woman leading discussion points to model she holds
    Group of students seated in modern, light-filled lab classroom view images on white screen monitors suspended from ceiling
    Woman researcher in latex gloves and scrubs injects specimens into containers under a hood
    Six people in white lab coats gather around a wooden table, talking and completing paperwork



    Group of 7 African health care workers in white lab coats in exam room listen attentively to speaker, not pictured
    Patients and visitors in a group hospital room: two women visit with woman lying on bed, bed net hangs above; two seated on floor; one sits up on hospital bed
    Computer lab filled with desktop computers and large monitors, some people stead at computers, many workstations vacant
    Hospital entrance, people gathered outside waiting, sign overhead reads Hospital Rural de Mocuba
    Lecture hall filled with students seated at desks
    Woman medical staff stands at end of hospital bed reviewing chart, holding mobile device, child sleeps in bed
    In hospital hallway a young male doctor in white coat wearing surgical mask stands next to older man in plaid shirt


    South Africa

    TV screen with videoconferencing equipment on top shows baby, man seated at table across from TV watches attentively
    Man speaks into microphone at podium, projection screen in background shows three videoconferencing screens, two at other locations



    Man in white lab coat in laboratory lifts hood on complex equipment, woman in background works with similar equipment
    Students sit at desks in classroom, man sits behind table at front of classroom, addresses students
    • Description: Dr. John Bartlett of Duke University teaches a class at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, demonstrating the long-term partnership between U.S.-based and African partners.
    • MEPI project: KCMC-Duke Medical Education Partnership Initiative
    • Source: Photo courtesy of Duke Global Health Institute
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    Woman seated in front of a desktop computer points at monitor, older woman and man stand behind and observe

    Updated July 2014